How Screening in Recruitment is Crucial to find Best Talent

Screening in Recruitment


Screening in recruitment is crucial step for the recruiters in the hiring procedure and beneficial for the future expansion of the business. Technology has advanced more quickly in recent years; the hiring process has changed dramatically. As consequences, recruiter’ no longer needs to tedious manual work and can concentrate on important ones. Additionally, screening in recruitment is a crucial component because it eliminates candidates who are unfit for the open post.

Candidate screening is crucial step in the hiring procedure and beneficial for the future expansion of the business. Using strategic procedure and internet resources outlined in this blog, recruiters can successfully complete the screening in recruitment. Let’s try to grasp things as simple as possible.

What is the screening in Recruitment

Screening in recruitment is practice of reviewing job application to choose candidates, who are qualified and skilled to fill the position, is known as applicant screening. These prospects will kept around for the remainder of the hiring process. The overall screening process of hiring candidate, in the opinion of many recruiters, takes the long time. However, it is essential since it screens applicants who could be eligible for the vacant position.

Screening in Recruitment

What are the Steps of the Screening in Recruitment?

There are many steps in the hiring process, and one of the most important is screening potential candidates. It saves recruiters a great deal of time in bulk hiring by weeding out unqualified applicants. Let’s break down the steps of selecting potential employees.

There are number of the steps involved in screening in recruitment, and one of the most important is screening potential candidates. It minimize recruiters a great deal of time in bulk hiring by proper screening in recruitment. Let’s understand the steps of screening in recruitment.

Evaluation of the candidate skills

Evaluation of the candidate skills basically is screening procedure begins with an evaluation of the applicant’s skills. It’s crucial since it filter out anyone who does not make the cut for the next round of the selection process. At this point, the best candidate can really stand out. Besides assessing candidates’ technical and logical abilities, recruiters often utilise non-technical assessment test as psychometric, behavioral, interpersonal, Communication, situational and linguistic fluency exams.

This will allow hiring managers to quickly assess a candidate’s expertise and problem-solving skills. Recruiters can also take steps to reduce bias of this sort. Since there is no way to know the exact or prepared answers, there will be no space for cheating on these tests, which are solely based on critical thinking and logic.

This will allow hiring manager to quickly asses a candidate’s expertise and problem –solving skills. Recruiters can also take steps in screening of the recruitment.

CVs screening and job offer

In the second step, which is focused on resume screening and offer –letter basically is that, resumes of those who passed the skills exam will be reviewed. The most common method of preliminary examination is reviewing application’ resumes.

In the latter stages, recruiters will use tools like online profiles and video interviews to cross check the information on potential  hires’ resumes. Survey results from criterion pre-employment testing indicate that as much as 78% of resumes include exaggerations or false information.

Therefore, recruiters needs to check things like a candidate’s short profile/bio, work experience, key skills, education, contact information, a focus on the role, and  spelling and grammar.

Reviewing cover –letter is very essential step for the recruiters than reviewing resumes. The main reason is that offer letter provides

Many hiring managers place greater emphasis on cover letters than CVs. The offer letter explains the company’s goals and values, as well as the candidate’s own motivation for accepting the position and joining the company. In addition, it has details that a CV can’t offer.

Using digitization to check profile of candidates

Recruiters now routinely use web profiles to learn more about potential hires. Checking through candidate’s professional (LinkedIn) and personal (social –media) accounts is a great approach to learn more about them after examining their resume and offer letter. It allows hiring managers to learn more about the candidate. The following criteria that should be used by recruiters, when evaluating potential applicants.

  1. Check the candidate profile is it comprehensive and well organized.
  2. Review the profile to find the gap between and mention the reason for it. if the recruiter gets a clue that something is wrong with profile.
  3. In the case candidate the job to change the job multiple times in the 12 month period. This shows that the candidate is not serious about his responsibilities.
  4. Inconsistencies between a candidate’s online profile and résumé indicate that the applicant is embellishing their qualifications.
  5. Spelling and grammatical errors are red flags that show a candidate isn’t paying attention to detail.
Screening in Recruitment

Schedule interview with candidate

A candidate’s personality, communication abilities, persuasion skills, and drive to join the company can all be gathered from single one-on-one video interview. They get to know the candidate better after seeing the video interview.

Furthermore, recruiters should be quite professional during the entire video interview process. Ideally, the lighting in the room would be ideal, there wouldn’t be any distractions, and the background colour would be neutral.

In the Final words

Technology and improved processes have led to streamlined recruitment in recent decades. Candidate screening is an important component of the employment process. Important information about an employee’s potential to succeed and contribute to the company can be gleaned from this tool. Therefore, recruiters must use online solutions such as ATS and CRM to achieve the greatest process advantages. Here, we detail how to conduct a thorough screening. Marfa overseas Recruiters and recruiting teams can take these techniques to make screening more sufficient.

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