Importance of Placement Agencies for Overseas Jobs

Importance of Placement Agencies for Overseas Jobs

If you plan to work abroad, you may have heard that registering with an “overseas employment agency” may increase your chances of obtaining a suitable position over applying directly to foreign companies. These agencies, which are also known as international recruitment agencies or placement agencies for Overseas jobs, provide a link between international job searchers and companies wishing to hire them.

Job seekers use such organizations all around the world to find work outside of their native nations, and both job seekers and employers rely on their knowledge. However, the fundamental question is how useful these agencies are to job searchers.

We’ll try to answer all of these issues in this post by discussing the benefits and drawbacks of using an offshore job agency. We’ll also provide you with some tips on how to spot and avoid fraudulent agencies.

How Can An Overseas Employment Agency Help You With Your International Career?

If you’re looking for a job in another country, you can reach out to international recruitment companies via their website’s job board, email, or phone. If the agency thinks you’re a good fit for the job, they’ll screen your resume and contact you. Make sure you provide your personal contact information so they can easily contact you.\

Here are some of the benefits of working with an international employment agency:

  • They have a broad network that can provide them with information and access to positions that aren’t readily apparent to job seekers (on job sites, boards, LinkedIn, social media, etc). Indeed, job agencies are frequently the first to learn of openings. As a result, they can connect you with clients and projects that interest you, assisting you in finding your perfect work abroad.
  • They are familiar with your target country’s labor market and staffing requirements: Overseas recruiting companies frequently specialize in specific industries in specific locations, so they can tell you where the best prospects for someone with your skill set and expertise are. Furthermore, those who do their own job search generally discover that the procedure is extremely competitive and nearly never generates positive outcomes. Finally, an agency can assist you in developing sound goals and realistic expectations, all of which are critical for a successful job search.
  • They have a well-established reputation: Some employers prefer to hire (and even interview) international candidates who have gone through a well-known recruiting agency. This is because many organizations have worked with the same agency for years and trust their recommendations and opinions about the people they send for interviews.
  • Because a recruiting agency only gets paid if their candidate is hired by the client, they have a vested interest in moving your application ahead as long as you fulfil the job profile. As a result, they’ll keep an eye on your application and ‘hold your hand’ until you’re either recruited or rejected by the company. They could also help you write your résumé and cover letter, as well as perform practice interviews with you. They may even negotiate your salary and terms of employment with the employing firm if you are offered the job.

Helpful Tips 

Do They Ask You To Pay Money Or Provide Confidential Financial Information?

The majority of recruiting agencies get paid by the companies that hire their applicants, not by the candidates themselves. You should not sign a contract with your agency if they ask you to pay for any of their services, regardless of their promises, reputation, or track record of accomplishment.

Furthermore, any agency that requests personal information such as credit card or bank account numbers is not only false but is most likely executing an unlawful fraud.

Also, if the agency asks you too many questions about your previous coworkers and the organizations you’ve already applied to, it’s conceivable that you’re being used to generate ‘leads’ for other candidates. This raises the stakes and reduces your chances of landing the job.

What Does Google Say About The Agency & The Company The Agency Claims To Have ‘Found’ For You?

Examine the results of a simple Internet search for the agency. Do you notice any broken links or missing information about the company? Is there a link that takes you to an unexpected or ‘odd’-looking website when you click on it? Do you come across critical comments, social media discussions, or news releases that criticize the agency’s leadership, ideals, activities, or ethics?

Is it even worse than the agency’s presence on the internet is virtually non-existent? A competent agency with a good reputation will have a nice website with publicly available information. This would include the following:

  • The industries they operate in
  • Their solutions portfolio
  • Contact details (including a physical address)
  • An up-to-date job board.

A legitimate firm will also have a strong presence on professional social media sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor. Because companies can’t hide on the Internet, if your agency looks to be an Internet ‘ghost,’ it’s undoubtedly a fake.

Similarly, look into the company with whom the agency has connected you. It should also have an online presence, beginning with a well-designed, professional-looking website and a presence on social media.

If the Internet fails to provide much valuable information about the agency or hiring company, you may need to look into offline sources of information, such as the Better Business Bureau, a government ministry, a city’s chamber of commerce bureau, your professional/personal network, and so on. If no relevant information emerges, the agency and/or firm could be a hoax. If they appear on official ‘scam’ lists, such as on a government recommendation, alarm bells should go off in your head because the organizations are obviously fake.

Are The Agency’s Recruitment Consultants Communicating Through A Free Email Account?

Almost every legal business has a corporate email address. If your agency communicates with you using a free Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail email account or links you with a company that does, one or both of these companies are likely to be false. You might be able to tell the real ones from the fakes if you pay attention to email addresses and signatures.

Does The Agency Provide Sketchy Information Or Make Promises That Sound Too Good To Be True?

Moving to a foreign nation for work is a life-changing decision for most people, and it comes with a slew of concerns and inquiries about the recruiting firm, job profile, training and onboarding procedures, management, and so on. Your agency should be able to offer these facts, or at the very least connect you with someone who can. If it can’t or won’t, you’re not getting the best chance of finding a suitable job through them, and you’d be better off joining up with someone else.

Furthermore, it is quite rare for a company to hire someone just on the basis of a “amazing” résumé, without conducting interviews and/or doing background checks. The ‘job offer’ is most likely bogus if your agency claims you were hired without an interview. Furthermore, if you are guaranteed a salary that appears to be ‘inflated’ in relation to your qualifications, talents, or experience, the offer is most likely not genuine. Finally, if they sound overconfident about your chances, keep in mind that only the employing firm, not a recruitment agency, has the authority to make hiring decisions.

Tips To Help You Improve Your Overall Experience With An Overseas Employment Agency

Keep the following suggestions in mind while working with an international agency:

Get more information about an agency’s reputation, working philosophies, success rates, and client base before signing up with them.

Never give them money: Don’t join up with an agency that asks for money to pay their ‘operating expenses’ and makes excuses for not providing you with a legitimate receipt.

Build a long-term relationship: Once you’ve established that the agency is legitimate, aim to form a bond with them based on mutual trust, honesty, and respect.

Keep an open mind: Based on your résumé and career aspirations, an experienced, competent, and knowledgeable agency should be able to find you a variety of relevant roles and organizations.

Recognize that they have their own set of priorities: Understanding their priorities will help you develop a mutually beneficial working connection, and you’ll probably obtain greater career results as a result.

Be patient: a fantastic new job may not come your way in the first week after you sign up. Maintain contact with the agency (but don’t bug them!) and be patient, proactive, and clear about your requirements and objectives.

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