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Marfa Overseas is one of the best Bahrain recruitment agency in Pakistan. The labor services of our recruitment agency are excellent which the reason for its success is also. We are providing our clients with the best human resource services possible. The clients have mutual trust and confidence in it. Over years, these workforce recruitment firms have also accepted and supported our services. We have created a large platform for skilled and dedicated people and foreign businesses. This Bahrain Recruitment Agency in Pakistan is doing fantastic work spreading the best human resources from Pakistan to number of position that are offered by Bahrain.

Bahrain Recruitment Agency
Why Choose Us

Bahrain Recruitment Agency Specialized Services

It is also one of the main reasons that our agency is one of the best Bahrain recruitment agency in Pakistan. These corporations have faith in our manpower agency Bahrain services and believe we can assist them in expanding their business. The professional recruitment department is properly furnishing with advanced technologies.

Basically, we export competent manpower from Pakistan.  Enable companies to contact the top recruiters in the world, our staff, experienced with international recruiting norms, aims to disrupt the employment market. At the same time, our Bahrain recruitment agency in Pakistan assists recruiters in increasing business via greater visibility.

We also offer a wide range of services to clients worldwide. Many options are available for people from diverse origins and locations. Our manpower agency Bahrain wants to achieve it. Because we also reduce the gap between the employer and the employees because we have developed notions of recruiting.

How We Work

Marfa overseas employment promoter is top tier certified consultancy that is located in Pakistan to serve the job seekers and clients through top-notch services provision.

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Receiving job application

Marfa overseas employment promoter received online application from the candidates following the different jobs advertisement. The process involves three main stages including the personal information, professional experience and finally updating the resume.

CVs Screening of Candidates

After the evaluation of the initial application, we will be in a position to forward you resume and application to the recruiter’s teams to analyze and review it. If your CV is selected which fulfill the requirement of following job then your will be shortlisted for the next step.


Shortlisting for further processing

Following your selection, the recruitment Manager will examine your profile and personal information. The recruitment Manager will review your technical skills and job experience for the position. Following that, the recruitment team will select the candidates who will be contacted for interviews.


Interview and final selection

Shortlisted candidates will then be contacted by the recruitment team for an initial interview, which may be a phone interview or a one-on-one interview, depending on the candidate's location. Our human resources and recruitment team will be actively involved in the hiring process to find the best candidate for the role.

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Deployment Procedure job offer

If you successfully complete this stage, you will be given a formal job offer from Marfa overseas Manpower employment promoter. We begin the process of coordinating with you once we have written acceptance for your role. Before you arrive, we will also make the necessary arrangements for your temporary housing.

Pakistan’s best Bahrain Recruitment Agency Opportunity Provider

We have access to the most recent information about Pakistani foreign employment. Marfa Overseas is a reputable Bahrain recruitment agency in Pakistan that can assist technical and non-technical laborers in finding employment. As a result, our manpower agency Bahrain can also assist hundreds of candidates each month in finding the appropriate foreign position in their field.

Marfa Overseas’ exceptional staffing services will also make a difference in your organization. Well-known companies support and accept our services. That is the reason we put forth our best efforts to provide the greatest manpower agency Bahrain services to everyone. The Bahrain recruitment agency in Pakistan is doing a great job of distributing top-notch manpower from Pakistan in key positions. Through exchanging ideas and skilled members, we have assisted thousands of jobless workers in landing their ideal position.

Our top leading human resources provision are best to provide staffing solutions