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From the perspective of job opportunities trends in the Middle East 2023, we will provide information in this blog about it. The Middle East has takers all over the world. A survey reports estimate that ex-pats now account for about 48% of the overall population in gulf cooperation countries. Additionally, 46% of ex-pats here say their wages are higher than they could have earned back home.

With the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, the world economy is slowly recovering. Middle Eastern economies are recovering at the same rate. Unexpectedly, work prospects have increased after the post-pandemic situation. Most industries need new skills because they are expanding and increasing steadily. The Middle East is the hub of economic activities, so the demand for foreign workers is increasing.

Different job opportunities, including government and private for ex-pats, are rising and taking precedence over others in demand.

Middle Eastern countries, including turkey, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, are growing and becoming a hub of economic activities. Start-up businesses and established business sectors require professional and skilled workers in the Middle East. Suppose you are a skilled professional or student looking for job opportunities. There are huge job opportunities and career progression avenues available in the Middle East that can opt for your career development.

Leading companies and organizations in the Middle East favor working with such recruitment agencies to find the perfect match between employee and employer. Your connections with these overseas employment agencies may enable you to develop a fulfilling career at one of the top Middle Eastern businesses.

What are Jobs Opportunities which are Trending in the Middle East?

Some industries and sectors are trending according to job opportunities in the Middle East for ex-pats. Here is a glimpse of some industries that are given below:

Oil and gas Trending Jobs in the Middle East

Middle Eastern countries are a major hub for the oil and gas sector. This sector is the engine of the development of Middle Eastern economies. Several countries in the Middle East are rich in oil and gas. These countries include UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. These countries provide the highest-paying job opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

Oil and gas are major industries in Middle Eastern countries. This sector plays an important role in the development of overall world economies. The oil and gas sector’s whole working process is very complicated and requires professional and state- of the art technology.

The growing oil and gas industry has opened many job opportunities for foreign workers. Foreign talent acquisition from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, and china are settled and employed in the Middle East.

After the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq became one of the second-largest oil producers in the world’s oil and gas market. It has increased its oil and gas production quantity to lead the oil and gas market lead. Saudi Arabia is also one of the countries providing approximately 15% of worldwide output.

Here is some of the highest oil and sector jobs available and attract the skilled workers and professionals of the oil and gas sector; drilling supervisors, reservoir engineers, renewable energy specialists, and mechanical engineers.

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Healthcare Industry Jobs trends in the Middle East

If you are a professional healthcare person and want to search for job opportunities in this sector with the highest salary fulfillment. Middle Eastern countries are the best that time to take this opportunity. Middle Eastern countries are hotspots for providing you with affordable healthcare services.

Due to increasing health concerns, many public and private hospital facilities are increasing. Job opportunities are increasing in demand due to these countries’ increasing population and tourism. The national health program of the United Arab Emirates makes it compulsory for employers to provide their health insurance services to the working staff. Middle Eastern countries strive to provide extraordinary healthcare services at an economical fee. As a result, there is ever increasing ratio of hospitals consistent. This thing increased the demand for professional doctors in Middle Eastern countries.

The following healthcare sector demands nurses, doctors, and technicians, especially those with work experience and prior work expertise. This can be a great opportunity to flourish in their career.

Information Technology

An outbreak of covid-19, the trend has increased, and people have shifted towards digitization under the fourth industrial revolution. Digitization, automation, and technology have taken over almost every field of UAE. Increasing cyber-attacks create high demand for cyber security jobs that cover the domain of information and technology. The demand for highly skilled professionals has increased.

According to the research 30% increase in the job ratio of information and technology.

The information technology sector, including data; scientists, IT managers, software developers, and computer network architects, are currently in high demand worldwide, including in Middle Eastern countries.

Tourism and Hospitality

Owing to the globalized world, the tourism industry’s growth is flourishing. In this case, recruitment opportunities are also increasing. In Middle East countries, UAE is the hub b of economic activities and tourism.

As the tourism industry continues to flourish, more and more ex-pats experts well professional skills are in high demand. There will be more available vacant positions in the future because the hotel industry is forecast to expand according to the compound annual growth rate of 7.2%.

In 2019, the Middle East can anticipate a 4.3% increase in tourism arrivals, according to different statistical reports. In the context of jobs in the Middle East, it is a fascinating destination due to the marvel and modern buildings like palm islands and Burj-khalifa.

The tourism and hospitality industry includes jobs, travel agents, event organizers, hotel managers, and tour operators in high demand, and diverse job opportunities are available.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting are important industries not only in the Middle East but also all over the world. Through this industry, you can check the database and systematic financial information in an organized way.

With the rapidly changing corporate sector, working strategies create more job opportunities for finance and accounts working professionals. As we know that to gain more profit, national and international investors are investing in Middle East countries. So that is why job opportunities for accounting and finance professionals are increasing daily.

However, it gives the user access to the company’s success over time, from small businesses to large businesses set up. Those people with background knowledge in accounting and finance are highly in demand. At that time, the Middle East was the best place for providing job opportunities in accounting and finance.

The below accounting and finance jobs are financial analysts and business controllers. Finance managers, accounts management, and head of the internal audit. Etc,

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Engineer Trending Jobs

Engineering job opportunities are more in the Middle East than in other countries. Because the Middle East is the hub of oil and gas, refiners, oil rigs, and petrochemical companies and industries. Foreign engineers are working to specialize in petroleum and chemical engineering to find the best high-paying job in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. However, mechanical, electronic, and Aeronautical engineers also have more job opportunities in Dubai.

High-demand engineering jobs include Petrochemical engineer, Chemical engineering, Mechanical engineer, Electrical engineer, and Aeronautical engineer.

Final words to Unveil Job Opportunities Trends in 2023

As per the above discussion, we know that the Middle East is the hub of providing job opportunities in all fields, including the oil and gas industry, hospitality, information technology, engineering, finance and accounting, and the healthcare industry. But the thing is that finding professionals in the field and deployment of skilled workers is a complicated and challenging task. Instead of trying your own, you must rely on recruitment agencies for Middle Eastern countries.

Top-tier employer companies, businesses, and job seekers are preferred to use recruitment agencies to save costs effectively. Your engagement with these recruiting companies could help you build a strong career at one of the leading companies in the Middle East.

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