Industries We Recruit for

Oil & Gas Recruitment

Marfa Overseas has worked with premier exploration and production firms in the oil and gas industry for more than a decade now.

Our primary focus is on identifying and delivering human resources and services that promote efficiency and creativity towards focused and highly competitive environments.

In the energy industry, Marfa delivers the following services to onshore, offshore, natural gas, upstream, midstream, and downstream clients:

  • Consultations
  • Talent Acquisition 
  • Managed and weighed solutions 
  • Global employment and mobility 

Marfa Overseas work on some of the most important engineering projects in the world, and with vast networking, we can provide our clients with the best in engineering expertise worldwide. 

Our consultants are experienced in providing contract and permanent staffing, as well as managed services solutions. Our search technique is a step-by-step procedure in which we gain a thorough understanding of our client’s needs and culture in order to successfully operate as an extension of their company: we provide a flexible and customized workforce solution for the best results.

Oil or petroleum is very essential because it is used as a raw material in many chemical products such as fragrances, pharmaceuticals, solvents, pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic, and plastic. This is why excelling in the oil and gas industry is very important for nation-states. The Gulf region is quite rich with natural reservoirs of oil and petroleum. Marfa Overseas looks for all job openings for employers and candidates in this field from all around the world.

Some of the most demanded job roles that we provide are:

  • Drilling Supervisor
  • Construction Manager
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Project Engineer 
  • HSE Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer 
  • Geophysicist
  • Drilling engineer
  • Energy engineer
  • Engineering geologist
  • Geochemist
  • Geoscientist
  • Hydrographic surveyor
  • Mining engineer
  • Mudlogger
  • Wellsite geologist
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Legal recruitment

Marfa is a Pakistani recruitment firm that prides itself on upholding high standards throughout the board. We provide a full suite of the finest legal staffing services to law firms and corporate legal sectors across the country, from selecting prospective candidates to studying markets and understanding recruiting needs of employers. Our team handles it all responsibly. 

Marfa works with top-tier law firms and corporate legal departments in Pakistan, focusing only on developing long-term connections between corporate legal departments, i.e. employers and employees.

Our huge database of high-quality individuals, as well as our connections within law firms and organizations, have allowed us to focus on every aspect of the legal industry. We’re committed to connecting senior and experienced barristers, associates, and legal executives across the country with firms and chambers that can help them advance their careers while also providing the challenge they want. Every recruiter under “Legal Recruitment” at Marfa Overseas has firsthand experience in the legal profession, either as a lawyer or as an In-House Counsel at one of Pakistan’s largest corporations.


Some of the important job roles under Legal society are:

  • Counsels
  • Attorneys
  • Contracts lawyer
  • Corporate lawyer
  • Bankruptcy paralegal
  • Litigation paralegal
  • General practice lawyer
  • Associate attorney
  • Immigration lawyer
  • Intellectual property lawyer
  • Family lawyer
  • Corporate attorney
  • Employment lawyer
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Shipping & marine recruitment

Marfa Overseas continues to build a reputation in the industry for providing exceptional job possibilities and working closely with our clients to give an efficient solution suited to meet the demands of maritime industries. Our Recruitment Service ensures privacy and professionalism while tailoring each task to the needs of the client. We make use of all available resources to make sure your search is productive and fruitful. 

Our significant expertise as individuals and as a firm within our specialist areas, along with our industry knowledge and network, sets us apart. Our management and senior consultancy teams have more than a decade of experience in respective fields of specialty, providing them a unique grasp of the work we do as well as a broad and diverse network. 

Our team of highly professional staff ensures that the maritime companies and people seeking jobs in that sector don’t have to worry about anything once they have partnered with us. 


Some of the common job roles that Marfa fits in under shipping and maritime recruitment are:

  • C-Suite / Executive Management
  • Analysis
  • Chartering, Trading, and Broking
  • Classification and Verification
  • Claims Management
  • Design
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Equipment Manufacture
  • Finance
  • Green technology
  • Human Resources
  • Legal and Insurance
  • Marine Services
  • Marine Software and Technology
  • New Construction, in-service, and marine warranty survey
  • P&I and Insurance
  • Professional services (purchasing, crewing, support roles)
  • Project Management
  • Renewables
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Senior Management
  • Ships Agency
  • Supply Chain
  • Technical Analysis
  • Technical and HSEQ
  • The Vessel, Cargo and Port Opera
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healthcare recruitment

For any country to prosper, it is important to have a stable and up-to-date healthcare industry. This is why it is critical to staff this sector with employees who are not just professional but also vigilant enough to respond quickly to any emergency. We aim to shortlist medical and paramedical employees at Marfa Overseas so that you may save time and money.

In the healthcare industry, the recruitment procedure follows the same hierarchy as in any other industry. Our portal enables you to bridge the gap between the human resource department and employers without any complications. 

The healthcare business is experiencing significant labor shortages, which are anticipated to worsen in the coming years. According to the Center for Workforce Studies of the Association of American Medical Colleges, there will be 45,000 too few primary care physicians and 46,000 surgeons and medical specialists in the next decade. Aside from clinical and medically trained experts, there is a scarcity of non-clinical workers in the healthcare industry, such as food service workers, facility maintenance staff, and security guards. 

People are treated and diagnosed by doctors. Regardless of whether these doctors work for a hospital or run their own clinic, they are constantly in demand. Our competitive team at Marfa, which is linked with both private and public healthcare facilities, will assist you in finding the ideal fit. We have everything from pediatricians to oncologists, cardiologists to radiologists, general physicians to gynecologists’ on our speed-dial. 

Marfa Overseas totally realizes the fact that helping staff is as important as physicians and surgeons. This is why our platform provides you with nurses and nursing assistants under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse.  Our candidates can obtain vital signs, administer sponge baths, organize medical equipment, etc.  

Apart from some of the most prominent positions, every healthcare facility needs a variety of other crucial professional roles in order to function effectively. Our team will assist your company in finding the best applicants for empty positions in a variety of sectors.

  • Consultants 
  • Surgeons 
  • Pharmacy Technicians 
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Pharmacist 
  • Clinical Laboratory Technologist
  • Dentist 
  • Veterinary Technologist
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security recruitment

With the rise of anarchy around the world, the rate of crime and mental persecution has risen as well. People are engaging in corrupt acts, and there is no effective check and balance system in place. As a result, having a well-equipped security team that can regulate the quickly expanding wrongdoings becomes more important. Marfa Overseas makes it simple for HR and companies by recruiting security specialists on a national and worldwide basis.

At Marfa, our vast database of candidates enables us to efficiently connect you with the ideal candidate. We realize that every job role in the Security industry has its own importance. 

The most important demand of any organization is to have a security officer who is skilled and observant enough to accomplish all tasks. The Marfa Overseas team handles the legwork for you by linking you with employees that have experience with lifting, surveillance, objectivity, dependability, emotional control, safety management, and reporting abilities, among other things.

Apart from that, we offer competitive biometric technicians. Anywhere in the world, the appropriate kind of experience will always get you an exceptional career as a Biometric Technician.

Our team at Marfa overseas has narrowed down applicants who have completed a thorough forensic education and are proficient in the use of forensic technologies. These individuals understand how to work with law enforcement agencies to identify criminals.


Marfa Overseas provides recruiting service for all in-demand roles in security industry.

  • Cash & Valuables in Transit Cash Processors
  • Maritime Security
  • Close Protection Officer
  • Community Wardens
  • Contract Bailiffs
  • Door Supervisors
  • Event Security Staff
  • Locksmiths
  • Private Investigators
  • Security Consultants
  • Security Dog Handlers
  • Security and Fire Systems Installers
  • Technical Security Countermeasures Operatives
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construction recruitment

At Marfa Overseas, we have two basic factors in mind.

  1. What our employers are looking for in terms of a “suitable candidate” 
  2. What we can do to make the construction industry look attractive to candidates with a background that meets your staffing needs.  


Our organization is associated with some of the top construction companies in the world, so you’ll have no trouble finding the job of your dreams.

Furthermore, we provide real talent capable of managing and overseeing a wide range of projects for your company. We select applicants who are capable of effectively planning and implementing initiatives.

Our experts at Marfa will not only fill your managerial positions but will also discover the most competitive workforce for your construction company.

We put our best efforts o recruit the right candidate for the advertised position, from an architect who prioritizes meeting the needs of his clients to an electrician who ensures that all electrical connections are functioning.

Marfa and its team want you to work for some of the world’s most prestigious firms. In fact, our firm connects you with prominent names in the construction industry so you may maximize your profits.

Similarly, we make sure to connect you with qualified experts who can oversee the entire project, its budget, and stakeholders with our reasonable budget cost.


The tasks and responsibilities of project teams differ by work type in the construction sector. The construction role hierarchy essentially identifies the most in-demand workforce for any given project. The positions listed below are some of the roles that our team looks for in terms of employers and human resources.

  • Construction Expeditor 
  • Engineers
  • Electricians 
  • Building Inspector
  • Safety Manager
  • Site Manager Purchasing Coordinator 
  • Carpenter 
  • Field Engineer 
  • Estimator 
  • DryWall Fisher
  • DryWall Installer  
  • Crane Operator
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Hospitality Recruitment

Amid Covid-19, the unprecedented times have caused major obstacles for hospitality recruitment. HR experts and employers have been having trouble finding the ideal fit for their hotels and businesses. Hence, the Marfa Overseas team uses cutting-edge sourcing methodologies and innovative recruitment techniques. We want to make the entire process simple and affordable for you.

Many people are unaware that there are as many employment prospects in the hospitality sector as there are in any other field. You will, however, need to look through the hotel crew list once to select the perfect position that matches your skills. 

Our team at Marfa is trusted by some of the most well-renowned hotels and organizations to provide them with manpower. The reason they trusted our talent acquisition skills is that at Marfa, we do not compromise on our customer’s needs and requirements. With the evolving recruitment strategies, we try our best to rank at the top by incorporating those strategies into our day to day work. 

One of the most demanded job roles at any hotel is the concierge. The concierge is responsible for a variety of tasks, including communicating directly with customers and providing good customer service. Because this job post requires years and years of expertise, Marfa is able to shortlist some of the most experienced candidates. Since they are unflappable and quick problem solvers, the people we select may be an asset to your hotel.

Other than that, the entire setup revolves around the hotel general manager. The team at Marfa Overseas understands that finding a perfect hotel general manager is difficult. People typically hesitate to apply for this post because they have such a large number of obligations. However, we shortlisted people who were brave enough to apply for this employment role using our excellent recruitment strategies. These applicants excel at interpersonal communication, management, leadership, and business abilities in addition to having experience. We recruit the following staff for Hospitality industry.

If you are someone looking for a different set of job roles in the hospitality industry, then feel free to go through the list below. Marfa will bring forth the right match for you. 

  • Back Waiter
  • Banquet Server
  • Barback
  • Barista
  • Bartender
  • Busser
  • Cafe Manager
  • Catering Assistant
  • Food Runner
  • Food Server
  • Head Waiter
  • Host
  • Hostess
  • Baggage Porter
  • Bell Attendant
  • Bellhop
  • Bellman
  • Driver
  • Parking Lot Attendant
  • Valet
  • Valet Attendant
  • Valet Parking Attendant
  • Cafe Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Chef
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Education Recruitment

The worldwide education market has developed as the global literacy rate has increased, making it worth a trillion dollars. This has provided an incentive for educational companies to improve their education levels by replacing outdated methods and technology. The education industry has piqued the interest of both the public and private sectors.

To maximize revenues, global educational firms must make their education easily accessible to an increasing number of international students; this is why they are looking for strategies to expand this industry by focusing on long-term goals and making analytical decisions. This is where we may be able to assist you. Marfa Overseas has the necessary experience working closely with global education leaders and corporations to make recruiting and dismissal simple for all parties involved.

Several people choose to teach as a career as a result of the increased involvement and interest in the educational sector. Our mission at Marfa, on the other hand, is to shortlist competitive teachers from all over the world who not only know how to captivate the interest of their students but also have mastered the art of cross-cultural communication.

Moreover, our team also realizes the importance of different job roles in the education and training industry. At all levels of education, educational administrators are required. We gather applicants at Marfa Overseas who are well-versed in the nature of any position. As a result, the shortlisted candidates understand how to lead through employing and supervising employees, directing programs, making choices, and managing budgets. They are aware that their decisions have far-reaching consequences for the entire community.

Not just this, Marfa also caters to the needs of maids and security guards that are badly needed at any educational institute. These are the individuals who are equally important in the operation of a school. The security and hygiene of the institute are heavily entrusted to guards and staff. This is why the global education business is always in need of them. Our staff will put you in touch with some of the most dedicated and experienced employees who can help your organization thrive.

This is only a fraction of what the educational sector has to offer in terms of job opportunities. The search for the ideal position and individual is never-ending. Marfa Overseas and its crew make every effort to meet all of your needs. We’ve listed some additional roles and positions below that you might be interested in.


  • Principal
  • Academic Adviser
  • Academic Support Coordinator
  • Administrator
  • Admissions Assistant
  • Admissions Representative
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Day Care Assistant
  • Day Care Center Teacher
  • Assistant Instructor
  • Assistant Principal
  • Assistant Preschool Teacher
  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Associate Dean
  • Associate Professor
  • Career Counselor
  • After-School Program Aide
  • After-School Program Coordinator
  • Assistant Coach
  • Child Care Assistant
  • Child Care Center Teacher
  • Adviser
  • Dean
  • Assistant Dean
  • Driver for Teacher
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IT Recruitment and Staffing Service

Marfa Overseas recognizes the increasing importance of information technology (IT) in today’s world. It has been shown to assist and benefit humanity in a variety of ways. The rising usage of computers for transmitting, storing, retrieving, and altering data for corporations and other entities has raised the demand for IT professionals. In fact, our team provides international information technology recruiting and human resource services to clients all over the world.

For our clients to get a clear picture of the job roles we offer at Marfa under the Information technology industry, we have shed light on some of the most demanded job positions. 

Cloud Computing Engineering

The IT sector expects the technical skills required for cloud computing skills on resumes. Our lists feature the names of the biggest firms you’ve all wanted to work with, making it easier for both employers and applicants. Not only that, but our team at Marfa Overseas is able to attract some of the most competitive individuals from all around the world that have technical, business, and security talents, as well as data analysis and management abilities.

Many of our employees have worked for reputable companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

We have broken down the hierarchy roles offered at Foreign Recruit for any IT company.

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Product and Project Manager
  • Cloud Services Developer
  • Cloud Software and Network Engineer
  • Cloud System Administrator
  • Cloud System Engineer

Information Technology Leadership

Finding the proper fit for your company, or the ideal firm to match your work preferences, is no longer a difficult task. You can connect with the ideal candidate/company for yourself using our efficient and cost-effective services. Our team, which is affiliated with some of the world’s most recognizable firms, assembles people with strong technical backgrounds and specific management talents. In order to fulfill IT objectives, we make sure to shortlist persons in IT Leadership Marfa has solid command over designing and implementing policies/systems.

Below we have mentioned some job roles that you might be interested in. 

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Director of Technology
  • IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • Management Information Systems Director
  • Technical Operations Officer

Computer Network Specialist

Apart from saving your precious time, Marfa adds professionalism to the table by handpicking computer network specialists and analysts who are well-versed in a wide range of data communication networks and systems. There’s also a list of well-qualified applicants who have finished a master’s degree in business administration to widen their focus on information systems.

Computer network specialists have a growing variety of jobs and responsibilities. As a result, we’ve expanded our job openings for you all.

  • Computer and Information Research Scientist
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer Systems Manager
  • IT Analyst
  • IT Coordinator
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Architect
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Systems Administrator
  • Senior Network Architect
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Senior Network System Administrator
  • Telecommunications Specialist

Marfa Overseas not only offers the primary employment responsibilities stated above but also some other essential ones that may be of interest to many. 

  • Information Technology Analyst
  • Information Security Specialist 
  • Software/Application Developer 
  • Web Developer
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