Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for Malaysia

Marfa Overseas specialize in human resource consulting, executive search and staffing solutions. Therefore we are in the list of top manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan for Malaysia. We helps you with work permit and visa processing fees in Malaysia.

With the rapidly developing economy, we want to establish long-term connections with all international corporations. Human resource development and Manpower supply provision are something that we are continually thinking about.

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recruitment agency in Pakistan for malaysia
Manpower Recruitment Agency for Malaysia

Why Choose Marfa Overseas As Manpower Recruitment Agency for Malaysia

Choosing Marfa Overseas as your recruitment consultants will absolutely a life-altering decision you will ever make! Keep reading to know why you should choose Marfa Overseas as your manpower recruitment agency for Malaysia

  • Licensed Recruitment Agency 
  • OEP License # 2590 /RWP
  • Registered with POEPA and BEOE, Pakistan
  • Thoroughly Acquainted with Malaysia Recruitment Standards
  • Well-Versed in Romani’s Recruitment Guidelines
  • A Vast Pool of Candidates Available for Immediate Placement

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Our Recruitment Process for Malaysia

Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for Malaysia

Weather you want to hire blue collar workers from Pakistan or need help with IT staffing for Malaysia. We at Marfa Overseas are confident that our recruitment process will always find the best candidate for the job. Our edge in manpower recruiting is our unique process. From initial screening to final interview, we keep our client in the loop to ensure that their requirements are met.

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Manpower Recruitment Agency for Malaysia

Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia for Foreigners

We assist international corporations in expanding their ideas by introducing exceptional employees. 

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Marfa Overseas Employment Promoter for Malaysia

  • Extensive Expertise: Proven experience in overseas recruitment, specializing in Malaysia

  • Personalized Approach: Tailored solutions to match unique client needs.

  • Thorough Screening Process: Rigorous candidate assessment for top qualifications.

    Job in Malaysia for Pakistani

    Pakistani professionals, renowned for their excellence, find incredible opportunities in the vibrant job market of Malaysia. Marfa Overseas is your gateway to unlocking these career prospects, bridging the gap between skilled Pakistani talent and the dynamic employment landscape in Malaysia. Our country boasts a rich pool of doctors, engineers, paramedics, and laborers who have excelled globally, making them an invaluable asset for Malaysian employers.

    Malaysia offers abundant job prospects for Pakistanis, ranging from skilled blue-collar employees to professionals in sectors like healthcare, IT, engineering, and more. Marfa Overseas, as a leading recruitment agency, meticulously matches applicants to job vacancies, ensuring a seamless fit based on skills and requirements.

    Our commitment to providing quality hires has earned Marfa Overseas a solid reputation, not just in Pakistan but internationally as well. As Malaysia and Pakistan continue to strengthen their ties, the demand for skilled professionals grows, and Marfa Overseas remains at the forefront, connecting Malaysian employers with the best talent from Pakistan.

    If you are a job seeker, explore the numerous opportunities in Malaysia with Marfa Overseas. Our agency serves as a trusted intermediary, assisting offshore companies in recruiting staff at all levels. Discover a wealth of job openings in Malaysia and seize the chance to apply for positions ranging from white-collar to blue-collar jobs. Marfa Overseas ensures that job descriptions are comprehensive, providing a clear overview of the benefits for candidates from Pakistan. Embark on your career journey in Malaysia with Marfa Overseas, your reliable partner in global employment opportunities.

    In-Demand Jobs in Malaysia for Pakistani Job Seekers:

    • Healthcare Professionals (Doctors, Nurses)
    • IT Specialists
    • Engineers (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical)
    • Construction Workers
    • Government Jobs in Malaysia
    • Hospitality Staff (Chefs, Hotel Management)
    • Technicians (Automotive, Electronics)
    • Accountants
    • Human Resources Personnel
    • Sales and Marketing Professionals
    • Data Analysts and Scientists