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MarfaOverseas stands as a premier manpower firm for the UAE, committed to linking skilled individuals with rewarding prospects in the United Arab Emirates. Our recruitment agency has consistently delivered adept manpower to diverse organizations throughout the UAE.

We are known as the best recruitment agency for the UAE, MarfaOverseas is the esteemed choice for employers seeking recruitment services in the UAE. Employers aiming to augment their workforce in the UAE should confidently consider MarfaOverseas as a dependable and trusted recruitment agency for UAE.

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Why Choose Us As the

#1 Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for UAE

As the #1 recruitment agency in Pakistan for UAE, we have cultivated enduring client relationships and connections with our authentic candidates. Authorized to deploy a multitude of skilled and semi-skilled professionals in the UAE, Marfa Overseas Recruiting Agency is built on mutual trust and confidence with its clients.

  • Creating a remarkable platform for a skilled and diligent workforce and international corporations.
  • Acknowledged as the top-tier recruitment agency in Dubai, recognized for outstanding appearance and advanced knowledge skills.
  • Pioneering innovative approaches to human resource services and adeptly handling HR responsibilities.
  • Meticulously scrutinizing every detail to ensure precision and recommending suitable jobs to the right individuals.
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Services We Provide as the Top Recruitment Agency in UAE

  • Employee Outsourcing Services UAE
  • Recruitment Agency in Dubai, UAE
  • Best Manpower Outsourcing in UAE
  • Overseas Recruitment Agency in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Labor Outsourcing Company in UAE
  • Recruitment Agency in UAE for Foreign Workers.
  • Manpower Supplier Companies in UAE
manpower recruitment agency in pakistan for UAE

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Top Manpower Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for UAE

MarfaOverseas optimizes human potential by supplying skilled workers tailored to clients’ needs. As a standout among Pakistan’s recruitment agencies for the UAE and all GCC countries, we rigorously assess candidates through training and testing, ensuring a perfect fit for overseas job descriptions.

For over a decade, MarfaOverseas has been a prominent recruitment agency in Pakistan for UAE, specializing in providing manpower solutions for the UAE and Gulf region. With a track record of successful service, our recruitment agency has connected thousands of Pakistanis with the right career opportunities, offering sustainable employment solutions in Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain.

Serving as a top recruitment specialist in Pakistan for UAE, MarfaOverseas enjoys discovering and introducing new talent to the international business arena. Our well-trained HR team excels in effective communication and embraces modern ideas, making us a top choice among UAE recruitment agencies.

For those aspiring to work in Dubai, MarfaOverseas as a leading Dubai recruitment agencies in pakistan offers certainty by matching interests and expertise with suitable jobs. Our thorough review of job conditions ensures a smooth recruitment process aligned with candidates’ preferences and personality traits.

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ISO-Certified Recruiter

MarfaOverseas is your premier ISO-certified recruitment agency, Serving Dubai, UAE, and the Gulf Region. Endorsed by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development, Ensuring trustworthy recruitment services in Pakistan for UAE and Beyond. Choose MarfaOverseas for Excellence and Compliance in Overseas Employment.

Industries We Serve as the

Leading Manpower Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for UAE

Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency for UAE

In a thriving oil and gas industry, the demand for skilled professionals is surging. As a leading oil & gas recruitment agency for UAE, MarfaOverseas specializes in connecting qualified individuals with prime opportunities in Dubai’s oil and gas companies. Our extensive industry connections and experienced team ensure a seamless application process, assisting job seekers in securing positions with the region’s top companies.

UAE Teacher Recruitment Agency

Acknowledged by top recruitment agencies in Dubai, MarfaOverseas has earned its reputation for excellence in teacher recruitment. Collaborating with schools and organizations, we identify and hire qualified candidates for teaching positions in Dubai UAE. As a premier teacher recruitment agency for Dubai, we go beyond placements, offering comprehensive support services, including orientation and cultural training, to enhance the teaching experience for educators in Dubai.

UAE Nursing Recruitment Agencies

Being the leading nursing recruitment agency in UAE, MarfaOverseas excels in placing qualified nurses in healthcare facilities across the United Arab Emirates. Whether local or international candidates, our recruiters work diligently to match nurses with suitable employment based on their experiences and qualifications. As international nursing recruitment consultants, we provide valuable insights into the UAE healthcare system and living conditions, ensuring a smooth transition for nursing professionals.

Banking & Finance Recruitment Agency for UAE

MarfaOverseas stands out as the best human resource company in UAE, facilitating the recruitment process for companies with vacancies in banks and financial institutions across the UAE. We connect companies with the right candidates, ensuring a mutually beneficial match.

Construction Recruitment Agency for UAE

Being the #1 construction recruitment agency in Pakistan for UAE, MarfaOverseas excels in construction industry recruitment. We simplify hiring for construction companies, connecting them with skilled professionals seamlessly. With a vast network and deep industry knowledge, we ensure optimal matches, providing guidance for a smooth experience. 

Marfa Overseas is the best-licensed recruitment agency in Pakistan for the United Arab Emirates and serves the above-mentioned industries and services.

Recruitment Agency in Dubai for Pakistani Manpower

Dubai, a prime hub for Pakistani youth seeking employment, beckons with opportunities. MarfaOverseas, a premier recruitment agency for the UAE, guides professionals from Pakistan to secure their desired roles in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and beyond. As a leading name among recruitment agencies in Dubai, MarfaOverseas transforms lives, offering excellent career prospects in top UAE industries. If you’re a skilled professional in Pakistan eyeing UAE ventures, consult MarfaOverseas today. Your dream job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or other Emirates awaits.

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Benefits of Working with Us as

Your Premier Recruitment Agency in Pakistan For UAE

  • Proven experience in overseas recruitment, specializing in UAE
  • Tailored solutions to match unique client needs.
  • Rigorous candidate assessment for top qualifications.
  • ISO-certified & Registered with POEPA and BEOE, Pakistan
  • Thoroughly Acquainted with UAE Recruitment Standards
  • Well-versed in UAE’s Recruitment Guidelines
  • A Vast Pool of Candidates Available for Immediate Placement

    Common FAQs About UAE Recruitment

    Which agency is best for a Dubai visa in Pakistan?

    The best agency for a Dubai visa in Pakistan may vary. Always verify the latest information and reviews before choosing.

    How Much do Recruitment Agencies Charge in UAE?

    Typically a Dubai recruitment agency will be paid a fee equivalent to 15 – 25% of the hired candidate’s year 1 annual salary. This fee is paid by their client once the successful candidate has been in the position for a few months.

    What Makes MarfaOverseas Different from other Recruitment Agencies in UAE?

    MarfaOverseas stands out among UAE recruitment agencies due to its personalized approach, deep industry connections, and commitment to understanding client needs. Our solutions, tailored to each employer’s requirements, ensure precise matches and lasting placements in the competitive job market.

    Can Marfa Overseas Help in Getting Job in UAE?

    Yes, Marfa Overseas can assist in securing employment opportunities in the UAE by offering job placement services and facilitating the application and recruitment process for various industries

    Are you a licensed recruitment agency?

    Yes, Marfa Overseas is a licensed recruitment agency in Pakistan for UAE.

    What are the visa requirements for working in the UAE?

    To work in the UAE, obtain a job offer, secure a work permit from the employer, and apply for a residence visa. Medical tests and document verification are mandatory.