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Mai bună agenție de recrutare a forței de muncă pentru România din Pakistan

Marfa Overseas is among the top Romania recruitment agencies in Pakistan. We specialize in finding the best talent to meet your company’s unique needs, enhancing your growth and success. 

Many organizations and corporations are striving for higher and higher standards in their fields. Marfa Oveseas is working as a top Romania Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for these companies.

We share similar goals at Marfa Overseas, and we take pride in building long-term professional relationships by understanding the specific needs of both applicants and organizations.

Marfa Overseas, a strategic HR partner and Romania’s largest provider of payroll and personnel administration outsourcing, has earned enormous worldwide confidence and partnerships with major corporations. This is because our leading team is always there to assist our clients and candidates.

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Romania Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan
Overseas Recruitment agency in Romania

Why Choose Marfa Overseas As Manpower Recruitment Agency for Romania

Choosing Marfa Overseas as your recruitment consultants will absolutely a life-altering decision you will ever make! Keep reading to know why you should choose Marfa Overseas as your manpower recruitment agency for Romania

  • Licensed Recruitment Agency 
  • OEP License # 2590 /RWP
  • Registered with POEPA and BEOE, Pakistan
  • Thoroughly Acquainted with Romania Recruitment Standards
  • Well-Versed in Romania’s Recruitment Guidelines
  • A Vast Pool of Candidates Available for Immediate Placement
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Our Recruitment Process for Romania

Recruitment Agency in Romania For Foreigners

As a reputed recruitment agency in Romania for foreign workers, we help job seekers in finding employment in the country. We have a deep understanding of the local job market and can help connect foreign job seekers with suitable opportunities. 

We have relationships with a wide network of employers and can provide valuable insights into the hiring process. With our expertise and guidance, foreigners can navigate the job market more effectively and increase their chances of finding employment in Romania.  Contact us today for manpower recruitment service in Romania.

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Overseas Recruitment agency in Romania

Industries We Serve As A Best Manpower Recruitment Agency for Romania

Construction Recruitment Agency Romania

In Romania, the construction industry is thriving, and businesses are constantly searching for skilled workers to fill various positions. This is where a construction recruitment agency like Marfa Overseas can be highly beneficial. As a leading manpower recruitment agency for Romania we specialize in connecting job seekers with employers in the construction sector, ensuring a seamless hiring process. 

Through our extensive networks and industry expertise, we match the right candidates with the right job opportunities. Whether it’s for temporary or permanent positions, as an overseas recruitment agency in Romania we play a crucial role in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the construction industry in the country. 

Recruitment for FMCG Industry

The FMCG industry in Romania has seen significant growth in recent years, leading to a high demand for skilled professionals in this sector. To meet this demand, recruitment agencies like Marfa Overseas specializing in the FMCG industry have emerged.

As a leading manpower agency we understand the specific needs of this industry and work closely with both employers and job seekers to ensure the best match. We have a thorough understanding of the market and access to a wide network of candidates, enabling them to find the most suitable individuals for various roles within the FMCG sector.

We play an essential role in bridging the gap between talented professionals and companies in need of their expertise. 

Agriculture Industry Recruitment

Agriculture is a crucial industry in Romania, and finding skilled workers to meet the demands of the sector can be challenging. That’s where the agriculture industry recruitment agencies like Marfa Overseas comes in.

We specialize in connecting agricultural businesses with qualified candidates who have the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in this field. With our extensive network and expertise, we can source individuals for a range of roles, including farm managers, agricultural engineers, and crop specialists. Our agency streamlines the recruitment process, saving businesses time and resources while ensuring they find the right talent.

Whether you are a farm owner or a candidate looking for opportunities in the agriculture industry, we are here to help you achieve your goals. 

IT Industry Recruitment 

The IT industry in Romania has been steadily growing over the years, and as a result, there is a high demand for qualified professionals in this field. This has led to the emergence of various recruitment agencies specializing in IT industry talent acquisition.

As a leading IT recruitment agency we have developed vast networks and partnerships with companies operating in this industry, allowing them to identify and connect the best talent with the most suitable positions. With our expertise in the IT field and knowledge of market trends, we help companies in Romania to build strong and efficient IT teams, contributing to the overall growth and success of the IT sector in the country. 

Automotive Industry Recruitment

The automotive industry in Romania is growing rapidly, and with it comes an increasing demand for skilled workers. As an overseas manpower agency in Romania we specialize in finding the right talent for automotive companies, whether it be engineers, technicians, or assembly line workers.

We have an extensive network of connections and resources that allow us to quickly and efficiently match candidates with suitable job openings. By partnering with us in Romania, companies can save time and resources in their hiring process.

Marfa Overseas is the best-licensed recruitment agency in Pakistan for Romania and provides manpower for Romanian companies and employers. Having license # 2590 / RWP

Overseas Recruitment Agency in Romania for Pakistani Workers

If you are a Pakistani seeking job opportunities in Romania, an overseas recruitment agency like Marfa Overseas can be helpful. We have contacts with employers and can assist in finding suitable positions in Romania. We also offer support with visa and work permit processes, helping to ease the transition to a new country.

We believe in a transparent and uncomplicated hiring procedure that satisfies the needs of both the company and the candidate.

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Benefits of Working With Marfa Overseas As Your Recruitment Agency in Pakistan For Romania

  • Extensive Expertise: Proven experience in overseas recruitment, specializing in Romania

  • Personalized Approach: Tailored solutions to match unique client needs.

  • Thorough Screening Process: Rigorous candidate assessment for top qualifications.

    Romania Work Permit Agent in Pakistan

    Marfa Overseas is the foremost consultancy for individuals in Pakistan aspiring to secure a Romania work permit. Recognized for excellence, Marfa Overseas offers comprehensive manpower recruitment solutions, specializing in facilitating Romania work permits for Pakistani professionals.

    As a leading placement services consultancy, Marfa Overseas is committed to guiding and supporting individuals through the intricate process of obtaining a Romanian work permit, ensuring a seamless transition into the Romanian job market. If you are seeking a trusted Romania work permit agent in Pakistan, Marfa Overseas is the consultancy to turn to. Contact us today to discuss your career goals, and let Marfa Overseas be your reliable partner in realizing your dream of working in Romania.

    Common FAQs About Overseas Recruitment for Romania

    Is it easy to get job in Romania?

    Finding a job in Romania can be relatively easy or quite challenging, depending on various factors. The demand for certain skilled professionals such as IT specialists, engineers, and medical personnel is high, making it easier to find employment in these sectors. However, competition is fierce in other fields, and knowledge of the Romanian language is often necessary for many job opportunities. 

    How can I get job offer from Romania?

    To increase your chances of getting a job offer from Romania, it is important to have a strong resume tailored to the specific job market. Networking with professionals in your desired field can also be helpful. Additionally, consider learning the Romanian language as it will make you stand out among other candidates. Finally, be flexible in your approach and open to different opportunities that may arise.

    What jobs are in high demand in Romania?

    In Romania, jobs in the technology and IT sector are in high demand. Professionals with skills in software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence are sought after by both local and international companies. Additionally, healthcare and medical fields, such as nursing and medical research, are also experiencing a shortage of skilled workers.

    Which recruiting agency is best for foreigners in Romania?

    There isn’t a single “best” recruiting agency for foreigners in Romania, as it often depends on various factors such as the industry you’re looking to work in, your qualifications, language proficiency, and specific preferences. We at Marfa Overseas cater to foreigners and assist them in finding suitable employment opportunities in Romania.