Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

The job market is starting to appear more attractive in Saudi Arabia as the country’s economy recovers from the COVID-19 outbreak, particularly for some highly paid positions. This article will be very helpful for people who are looking to change careers as well as students who are unsure of which professional path will give them the most financial security.

Many multinational corporations in Saudi Arabia provide well-paying employment. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is an excellent area to work if you’re looking for a terrific profession with a high pay rate. For those eager to explore career options, consider connecting with a reputable recruitment agency in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia. These agencies play a crucial role in facilitating employment opportunities and bridging the gap between skilled individuals and top-notch positions in the Kingdom. To find out more about the highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia, continue reading.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia is a nation undergoing fast development, home to thousands of massive projects. Job opportunities with competitive compensation are available in Saudi Arabia from multinational corporations that pay well. The list of Saudi Arabia’s highest-paying jobs for 2023 is as follows:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

The CEO is the person in charge of the board and strategic operations of the company. They are in charge of overseeing and managing businesses, corporations, or organizations. Saudi Arabia is home to numerous significant organizations and corporations, which makes the CEO post highly sought after. For this reason, becoming a CEO in any Saudi Arabian company pays well.

The monthly compensation of a CEO in Saudi Arabia varies from SAR 17,000 to SAR 134,000.


Those who provide legal services and advice to the general public or any organization are known as lawyers. They provide direction for various business legal matters. Attorneys assist companies with the drafting, filing, and resolution of legal documents as well as any problems that may arise. It is among the highest-paying positions in Saudi Arabia as a result.

The monthly salary range for lawyers in Saudi Arabia is SAR 13,000 to SAR 75,000.

Petroleum Engineers 

highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

Petroleum is one of Saudi Arabia’s most well-known industries. For many years, the monarchy has seen a significant need for petroleum engineers. Petroleum sector engineers may expect stable, high-paying jobs with bright futures. Oil and gas fields are designed and developed by petroleum engineers. They build oil refineries, oversee the development of hydrocarbon reserves, and dispose of drilling debris. Petroleum engineers are well compensated in Saudi Arabia due to the need for their expertise and experience.

In Saudi Arabia, the monthly salary for petroleum engineers ranges from SAR 8,500 to SAR 78,000.

Medical Professionals 

In Saudi Arabia, occupations in medicine and healthcare, including those of doctors, dentists, nurses, lab technicians, and pharmacists, pay well. Physicians receive the highest compensation of any healthcare professional. They are in charge of identifying and treating patients’ illnesses or injuries.

In Saudi Arabia, the monthly salary of medical professionals ranges from SAR 14,400 to SAR 66,200.

Marketing Manager 

highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

Increasing an organization’s sales of goods and services is the responsibility of marketing managers. They make choices about a company’s or business’s branding, marketing, advertising, etc. Among the most profitable occupations in the nation, their abilities are essential to any company’s success.

The monthly salary for marketing managers in Saudi Arabia ranges from SAR 8,000 to SAR 51,000.

Finance Managers 

In Saudi Arabia, finance managers are the best-paid professionals. They provide strategies and guidelines to ensure that an organization’s financial resources are used effectively.

In addition to supervising project execution, finance managers take part in the creation of financial projections and reports. They keep an eye on the business’s overall financial performance. They receive the greatest wages as a result.

The monthly salary range for finance managers in Saudi Arabia is SAR 11,500 to SAR 42,500.

Construction Engineer 

highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the building sector is very large. Thousands of employment are available in the construction industry. Workers and project managers are both employed there. In the construction sector, a project manager is often a highly skilled engineer. Thus, there is a great need for engineers across a variety of industries, including mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering. Because the nation is currently experiencing major building projects, they receive fantastic income.

The monthly salary range for construction project managers in Saudi Arabia is SAR 11,500 to SAR 36,500.

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The people who work in banks and handle money and other financial services for patrons are known as banking professionals. In Saudi Arabia, those who work in the banking industry anticipate receiving a competitive income. A bank manager position is one of the top-paying positions in the nation.

The monthly wage range for banking professionals in Saudi Arabia is SAR 5,700 to SAR 37,300.

IT Professionals 

highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, there is a great demand for IT specialists. They are in charge of planning, creating, and managing software for many industries. Saudi Arabian IT specialists assist businesses with website development, network maintenance, system security, and other tasks.

The monthly salary range for information technology managers in Saudi Arabia is SAR 5,500 to SAR 24,500.


In Saudi Arabia, teaching is one of the highest paying professions. Pay is determined by an employee’s degree and experience levels. Along with at least a bachelor’s degree and a few years of teaching experience, you should speak and write English fluently. Teachers have the ability to influence how youngsters will grow up in their nation. As a result, they receive higher pay and have some of Saudi Arabia’s largest employment openings.

The monthly salary range for teachers in Saudi Arabia is SAR 4,500 to SAR 18,500.

Cyber Security Engineer

In Saudi Arabia, the realm of cybersecurity holds paramount importance as the country continues to advance technologically. The increasing reliance on digital infrastructure has led to a surge in demand for skilled professionals in the field, particularly Cyber Security Engineers. These experts play a pivotal role in safeguarding organizations against cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information.

Cyber Security Engineers in Saudi Arabia command substantial salaries, reflecting the critical nature of their work. The monthly salary range for Cyber Security Engineers in the kingdom varies, with experienced professionals earning between SAR 15,000 to SAR 40,000. This lucrative compensation is a testament to the high value placed on securing digital assets in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Chief Financial Officers

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are key players in the financial management and strategic decision-making processes of companies across Saudi Arabia. As businesses expand and diversify, the role of CFOs becomes increasingly crucial in maintaining fiscal responsibility and driving sustainable growth.

The compensation for Chief Financial Officers in Saudi Arabia is commensurate with the significant responsibilities they bear. Monthly salary ranges for CFOs in the kingdom typically start at SAR 25,000 and can go up to SAR 60,000 or more for seasoned professionals leading financial operations at major corporations. This reflects the strategic role CFOs play in steering the financial health and success of organizations in the dynamic Saudi business landscape.

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