How To Apply for A Qatar Work Visa from Pakistan?

qatar work visa

The world had almost forgotten Qatar existed until she hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2022. In addition, Qatar is also hosting the Doha Expo which concludes in the first quarter of 2024. Even though the country hosts expos and worldwide events, and boasts tourism, Qatar is facing a grand issue.

According to the most recent consensus, Qatar’s population is only 2.9 million. Therefore, the country depends on foreign workers. Qatar’s private and public sectors are constantly looking for employees. Because the demand for foreign workers is so high, the country has simplified the Qatar work visa progress. 

What is a Qatar Work Visa?

A Qatari work visa consists of a residency and work permit. The government issues licenses for foreign workers. The applicant must have a Qatari employer, which can be an individual or a company. The employer is responsible for processing the visa application and ensuring its completion. You can also get help from a reputable recruitment agency for Qatar if you or someone you know is relocating to Qatar for a better future.

How to Apply for a Qatar Work Visa From Pakistan?

Step 1: The Employer Application

Before an individual applies for a Qatar work visa, the employer must register with the Ministry of Labor. The entity will apply for a work permit so they can hire foreign candidates to benefit their aims.

Step 2: Permit is Approved

When the Ministry of Labor approves the permit, the employer can apply for Qatar work visas. They must follow the relevant and accurate procedures to contribute to the economy successfully.

Step 3: Medical Tests

The applicant needs a clean bill of health so they can travel to Qatar. Therefore, they will undergo an extensive medical test. Furthermore, the ministry will seek records of proper vaccination and other medical protocols. The fingerprints of the applicant will also be registered so the visa process moves forward.

Step 4: The Visa is Issued

After the relevant documents are submitted and approved, the Ministry will issue a visa. Subsequently, you can travel to Qatar and begin your new job!

Which Documents are Required for a Qatar Work Visa?

You will need a Qatar work visa and residency permit so you can start living your new life in a thriving Middle Eastern country. When applying for a work visa, you must submit the following documents to the employer:

  1. The employment contract mentions the job details
  2. The application form is available on the Ministry of Labor website
  3. Thirdly, medical reports and references.
  4. In addition, a copy of the passport
  5. Two photos that are not blurry and comply with the MOI guidelines
  6. Other relevant academic certifications and documents
  7. Fingerprint scans
  8. Lastly, the employer’s immigration card

After you reach Qatar, you must apply for a residency permit within seven days. To attain the permit, you will need to present the below-mentioned documents to the employer.

  1. Passport size pictures
  2. Original passport
  3. The employment visa and contract
  4. Lastly, a medical certificate.

The Processing Time and Visa Fees for Qatar Work Visa

The applicant needs to wait for two weeks to a month for the country to issue their permit. However, the processing can take longer if there is a huge number of entries. The cost of the entry visa is QAR 500 or $55. The residency permit costs QAR 500 or $137. The employer will pay both the expenses. 

Qatar Work Visa Price in Pakistan

Qatar visa costs vary according to the career, nationality, duration, and other requirements according to the employer. Here are some of the costs associated with a working visa

Authentication Charges 

The Qatari embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will assess the academic transcriptions, marriage licenses, and other documents. The cost may vary from $25 to $200.

Visa Charges

The Qatar employer will pay the visa fee. It is estimated at QAR 300 or $32.

Work Permit Charges

The Labor Card Fee is QAR 500 or $137.

Iqama charges

You will get a Qatar ID card when you arrive in the country. The cost is $27 or QAR 100.

Medical Test

The costs of medical testing depend on the home country. It ranges from $50 to $200. The health care expense is $27 or QAR 100.

Changing or Renewing Work Permits in Qatar

If you are starting a new job or your Qatar work visa is expiring, you must contact the employer three months before the current visa expires. According to the instructions mentioned in the Residency Services portal, it is the employer’s responsibility to renew the documents. Your employer will ask for the Qatar Smart ID to apply for the extension or alteration online.

How to Check Your Qatar Work Visa Status?

You can check your Qatar visa status with the below-mentioned instructions. 

Checking Qatar Work Visa via the Ministry of Interior Website

  1. Launch the browser to visit the MOI website.
  2. Go to the Visa Services section.
  3. Pick Visa Inquiry & Printing
  4. The individual can check the status using a passport or Qatar work visa number.
  5. Subsequently, you select the nationality. Verify the action with a unique code.
  6. Select Submit. Check the status of your visa application.

Checking Qatar Work Visa Status for Asian Countries

If the applicant resides in Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Qatar, or Pakistan, they can track the status using the Qatar Visa Center website. The steps are:

  1. Go to your favorite browser to visit the Qatar Visa Center website.
  2. Select the language you prefer. In the next step, pick the country of origin.
  3. Click Track Application
  4. Complete the required details, such as passport number and other visa identifiers.
  5. Enter the Captcha so the website does not think you are spam.
  6. Click Submit and analyze the status of your application.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Qatar Work Visa?

After you receive a Qatar work visa, you are eligible for benefits. Such as:

  • The employee has access to many features such as a license and other permits for a comfortable living.
  • Secondly, you can sign a rental agreement.
  • In addition, you can apply for a loan.
  • You can submit a resume for better opportunities. Click here to browse the highest-paying jobs in Qatar for motivation. 
  • Lastly, the employee can also sponsor a family member to live with them in Qatar. If husbands are sponsoring their wives, they, too, can work. However, she will need a separate work permit in addition to registering with the Qatari Labor Department. 

How Can Marfa Overseas Help in Getting a Qatar Work Visa?

If you have questions about Qatar work visas, you can contact the experts at Marfa Overseas. Our mission is to export highly qualified individuals from Pakistan to Qatar. Marfa Overseas is committed to promoting the Pakistani workforce all around the world and empowering applicants with easy access to global markets. Our recruitment agency in Pakistan offers attestation services and is committed to the highest practicing standards.


How Can I Get a Qatar Work Visa?

You can get a Qatar work visa by completing the application form. Furthermore, you must have a valid passport and the receipt for the different fees you have made throughout the procedure. A Qatari work visa also needs biometric authentication and attested education documents. 

How Much Is a Two-Year Work Visa in Qatar?

The cost of a two-year Qatar work visa is QAR 300 or $82. However, the cost can vary according to the exchange rate, industry, career, and the employer. In addition, the applicant will pay for medical tests, authentication, and different forms of insurance. 

Who Is Eligible to Work in Qatar?

If you are a non-Qatar citizen who has a residency permit and a work license, you can be employed in Qatar. They will not face any additional checks from the employees. 

Is Qatar Open for Employment Visas?

Yes, Qatar is accepting employment visas from different sectors. The jobs offer incredible benefits to boost your standard of living. For more information on Qatar work visas and subsequent employment, contact Marfa Overseas.

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