10 Common Dubai Visa Rejection Reasons

common dubai visa rejection reasons

Millions of individuals travel to Dubai for many reasons. They may be going for work or business. Most of them are tourists and guests who wish to enjoy the sun and shop in large malls. Dubai captivates global tourism because it offers a unique experience.

Some get access to Dubai on the first attempt without any hassles; some are not so lucky. Other applicants struggle because their visa is rejected. Have you wondered about the Dubai visa rejection reasons? Below is a list of common grounds so you can identify the mistakes and prepare the application a lot better. 

Understanding The Different Dubai Visa Rejection Reasons

Inexperienced labor

The top cause of Dubai visa rejection reasons is inexperienced labor. If you do not have the relevant skills according to the job description, then rejection is inevitable. The outcome is expected from an unskilled career as well. The Dubai government specifically mentions that a profession be selected in the application form.

Therefore, if you have picked an unskilled profession, such as a framer or a cleaning crew, there is a high probability that the authority will continue to reject your visa.

Handwritten documents by Asian applicants, especially from Bangladesh and Pakistan

Dubai visa rejection reasons are often faced because a pre-existing requirement is not fulfilled. The Dubai government will check the authenticity of your passport when you are applying to become their labor. For further assistance, you can choose a recruitment agency in Pakistan for the UAE.

For example, a handwritten password is automatically rejected and makes matters very complicated in the future. In simple words, you can forget you will get to work in Dubi. The UAE Immigration rejects handwritten passports from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other Asian countries.

Previous Criminal Record

UAE has very strict criminal and civil laws, which are updated regularly to represent their growing economy. To minimize their crime rate, the UAE will reject visa applications for ex-criminals or individuals with a previous criminal record. Any individual with a fraudulent background is also not admitted to Dubai.

The rejection is not rescinded even if you hired a lawyer to settle misconduct in Dubai. Besides visa rejection, such applicants are immediately blacklisted. They may never enter the group of Arabian countries again.

Previous Employment Visa

If you have previously applied for an employment visa in the UAE but unfortunately cannot enter the country. Dubai visa rejection reasons include owning an employment visa from a previous job. If you are finding yourself in a similar boat, then contact the sponsor or your travel agent to cancel the visa. You must apply for the new visa at the same time as the UAE immigration. A work permit is valid for a month. You can browse the highest-paid jobs in Dubai here

An Active Visa

You may have applied for a tourist visa in Dubai before. Yet, you were unable to travel to the country because the visa for rejected. You cannot travel to Dubai unless the previous visa is canceled. Contact the sponsor or the agency who can visit the immigration office to clear the visa. A visa is valid for 60 days in the UAE.

Look-alike identity

Individuals with similar-looking names are likely to have their visas rejected. It can also happen with the same date of birth. A visa is also rejected if the applicant changes their hair and beard appearance frequently. The application faces a delay as well. Unfortunately, the applicant cannot do anything about it instead of getting anxious about their future. 

Blurred Pictures of Scans and Images

A scanned copy of your passport attached to the application is probably one of the grounds for Dubai visa rejection reasons. The application could be delayed as well. When you are filling out the application, ensure the copy is clear. It must be easy to read. Furthermore, the documents must not have blurred lines without shadows.

The size of the pictures in the visa application for Dubai is 43 x 55 mm or 2 x 2 inches. If you are opting for an electronic copy, then the image must be 369 pixels in height and 300 pixels in width. 

How To Reapply for a Dubai Visa After Rejection?

Understanding the reasons

Identify the Dubai visa rejection reasons. Furthermore, recognize the errors in paperwork and the security issues.

Eliminate issues

The applicant must address the rejection reasons by removing errors in the documents. They must clear other issues as well. You can provide additional information if needed.

The cool-off timeline

The applicant must respect the cool-off period before applying again. The timeline varies according to the type of visa and Dubai visa rejection reasons.

Talk to the authorities.

If you can, book an appointment with the relevant authorities. You can visit the immigration desk for clarification of the rejection causes. Lastly, ask for guidance on how to move forward with the application.

Submit a new application.

The applicant must make their case powerful. Therefore, submit a new visa application on the online portal with relevant and updated information. Do not repeat the mistakes made with previous applications!

How To Avoid Mistakes In Dubai Visa Application?

Now, that you know the Dubai visa rejection reasons, here are some of the hacks to minimize uncertainty.

  1. Firstly, read the visa requirements in detail by visiting the embassy website.
  2. Secondly, ensure the formalities and columns are accurate. Do not lie or misrepresent information on the applicant form.
  3. Thirdly, you must also read the detail instructions that are printed on the application. It talks about transparency and authenticity.
  4. Do not attach expired documents. Only affix valid testimonies.
  5. Keep enough funds in the bank account to ease the applicant.
  6. You must give strong and valid reasons to visit Dubai, stay there, and then return, if possible.
  7. In addition, ensure there are no typing errors. Spelling mistakes will delay the application.
  8. Lastly, apply patiently. Take your time to complete the process, and do not fill it in a hurry!

You can track the visa rejection with the passport number, application ID, tracking number, or the interview location. Furthermore, the embassy will mention the grounds for Dubai visa rejection reasons. The responding document will prevent errors in the future. Before you go, browse the guide to finding jobs in the UAE for a growing future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to define Dubai visa rejection?

Dubai visa rejection means that the UAE immigration has denied entry to the applicant to visit the country. The applicant is allowed to enter the UAE boundaries only on a valid visa. Otherwise, they are deported to their home country after jail time.

What are the most frequent Dubai visa rejection reasons?

The most frequent Dubai visa rejection reasons are incomplete fields and missing information. The visa is immediately rejected if relevant documents do not support the application. Other causes for rejection are inconsistent details, misrepresentation, and expired paperwork.

How are the Dubai visa rejection reasons decided?

The applicant can know the reasons for visa rejections by filing an appeal with the UAE High Commission. The authority will assess the application according to the appeal. They will share the detailed information for the denied entry. The applicant can take notes so the mistakes are not repeated when reapplying.

Does a Dubai visa need a sponsor?

You can apply for a Dubai visa without a sponsor. The application factors in the visa category and the duration of the stay. The validity is checked against the applicant and the documents.

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