The Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai

highest paying jobs in Dubai

Are you looking for a better job? Working in Dubai is your opportunity to increase the standard of living and provide better for your loved ones. Here are some of the highest paying jobs in Dubai listed in no particular order. Be sure to match the skills with the description for an instant response from the buyer.

The Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai

Chief Executive Officer

The financial sector takes the lead of the highest paying jobs in Dubai. Presently, the Chief Executive Officer, Investment Banker, and Chief Financial Officer vacancies are available. These individuals study the market trends and pick the best investment for their clients. At the same time, the minds ensure financial stability. They also look after client’s businesses as well.

Retail staff

Retail is a growing sector in Dubai. The Marketing Director will earn a hefty salary for thinking of and implementing innovative strategies. They will generate brand awareness and improve sales. A sales director is also welcomed in Dubai. However, the director is responsible for sustaining and forming client relationships and negotiating cost-efficient details.

Operating room staff

Let’s have a look at some of the other highest paying jobs in Dubai! Surgeons, general practitioners, a nurse, and dentists are the top tiers in the Dubai medical industry. These professionals are the backbone of the medical workforce that collaborates and performs different surgeries. These careers are responsible for the patient’s general well-being and for developing extensive treatment plans.

Air traffic staff

Pilots, air traffic controllers, and aerospace engineers will earn a lot when they are employed in Dubai. The Middle-eastern land welcomes tourists, delegates, and investors from all around the world. Therefore, they must have a seamless experience throughout the air journey. The careers work together to eliminate accidents and overlapping take-offs. 


For the next profession, you must understand the relevant Dubai Laws. A judge in Dubai is responsible for regulating the legal system. They hear a wide range of cases and settle disputes of different scales. On the other hand, a lawyer will defend the allegations against the client. They are working hard in their chambers to offer guidance on legal matters for clients/individuals.

Academic staff

Dubai’s economy is expected to grow by five percent this year. In other words, the statistic means more jobs and vacancies. Dubai’s educational sector is also on the boom! A university professional will deliver lectures, panel discussions, and supervise seminars. Secondly, a school principal has a leadership role. They will regularize the school operations. A principal has the final say in curriculum development. A school principal and university professional prioritize student welfare and the staff’s well-being.


Mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers in Dubai enjoy their tax-free income significantly. Even though their job descriptions may vary according to the industry, their employment is crucial to the economy of Dubai. The engineers are employed in infrastructure companies, control towers, and automotive businesses. The three engineers will analyze and improve the systems that have been delegated to them.

Artificial intelligence engineer

Dubai is also hiring information technology experts because of the global increase in IT. In the subcategory, an artificial intelligence engineer will develop and design AI solutions for the government, clients, and businesses. You can also work as a cloud architect who supervises the development of a remote infrastructure for data security.

Excavating engineer and offshore manager

When talking about Dubai, how can we forget the oil and gas industry? Fossil fuels are some of the most exported items in the Middle East. Dubai is looking for a petroleum engineer who will excavate and supervise rigs. An offshore manager is responsible for communicating with the in-land office about safety regulations, logistics, and installation needs.

HR and business directors

HR Directors and business partners are helpful to the Dubai economy. These individuals look for funds to invest in new technology and business. Furthermore, they also ensure that employee engagement is maximum and the talent pipeline is not wasting resources. An HR business partner works with top-tier leaders to actualize their business goals. Their guidance is unique, so do not take their knowledge for granted

Supply chain manager

A supply chain manager is also a successful employer in Dubai. If a supply chain dents, the company losses are huge. Therefore, the company is looking for the best candidate to oversee the product funnel from beginning to end. A supply chain manager has graduated from finance and business school with relevant years of experience.

Business analyst

The list of highest-paid jobs in Dubai continues with a business analyst. The individual works closely with the organizational owners and sees how the company operates. In addition, their job description also includes analyzing data and coming up with strategies to match the aims. Because the position is so critical, the candidate is well-paid.

Do you know of the Highest Paying jobs without a degree in Dubai?

Creative Director

A creative director is a jack of all trades with matters related to the company’s media. They will ensure that the strategies related to radio, film, and the channels are implemented successfully. The candidate does not need a degree. However, the creative director must have a portfolio or previous references so the client to hire them.

Bank Manager

The highest paying jobs without a degree in Dubai also include a bank manager. The candidate is well-paid because they have to deal with international clients. Furthermore, they must have a strong knowledge of investment and saving policies at the bank. The manager will oversee the day-to-day operations. Lastly, they ensure the delegated staff is well-trained and has extensive knowledge of the bank’s products. 

Call Center Manager

One of the highest paying jobs in Dubai without a degree is a call center manager. Dubai has an international audience who wish to know more about the economy. Therefore, the government has invested heavily in call centers. A manager is responsible for keeping them running. The job does not require a degree because the manager works from the undermost layer.

Customer Service Agent

Let’s conclude the list of the highest paying jobs without a degree is a customer service agent. There are abundant businesses hiring individuals to guide their customers. A customer service representative will overlook the incoming chat traffic. They are responsible for assessing the questions to offer excellent assistance. The job does not require a degree. The company will give training for robust communication and problem-solving. The job pays well. 

Final thoughts on the highest paying jobs in Dubai

Now, you have browsed a complete list of the highest-paying jobs in Dubai. In addition, these jobs are vacant as well. You can contact the employer through numerous resources to learn more about the job description. Look for UAE recruitment agencies to transform your future. Lastly, you can submit your CV at Marfa Overseas. Contact the team for further

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