How To Get a Job in Saudi Arabia | A Guide to A Prosperous Future

how to get a job in Saudi Arabia

Besides being the holiest country for Muslims from around the world, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia employs workers from all over the world. Its labor force market is surging and providing new opportunities. You can work in the oil, chemical, retail, financial, business administration, and legal sectors. The choice is yourself! Here is your guide on how to get a job in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia Job Market Overview

Saudi Arabia has experienced an expansion of new jobs in the last quarter of the previous year. The growth has been the opposite which showed linear progress in early 2023. The six percent increase shows Saudi Arabia’s dedication to change. They have implemented expensive strategies in different sectors, which is showing positive results.

Dominant sectors in the KSA include artificial intelligence, software development, and digital services. The shift to tech-based industries is because the Kingdom aims to diversify the economy and house modern labor. In addition, the statistics also showed an increase in top-tier job vacancies and roles in Saudi Arabia.

The majority of the jobs are associated with new start-ups and companies. The Kingdom continues to introduce new economic policies that evolve businesses. Saudia Arabia is very hopeful for 2024, with significant growth in investment, legal, and finance realms.

Saudi Arabia has surfaced as a resilient country with a very dynamic job market. They have positioned themselves as important players in a continuously evolving company. Saudi Gazette reported an increase in the private sector labor force to 2.2 million employees, which translates to 42,000 new employees every quarter. 

Where to find jobs in Saudi Arabia?

Recruitment agencies

One of the best answers on how to get a job in Saudi Arabia is through a recruiting agency. They will take a minimum of time to process your request. Secondly, recruitment agencies have a vast database full of connections to help you find the most relevant job. Contact the best recruitment agency in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia employment.

Only Job Portals

Another way to find jobs is through online job portals. These are employment websites that are posting vacancies for the global workforce to join Saudi Arabia’s labor. You can filter the jobs according to location, pay scale, and skills. Furthermore, online job portals are linked to the company’s official websites, which lets you know about their core values. 


You can also get a job in Saudi Arabia by networking. It is an underrated hidden job market. Networking means discovering new jobs through word of mouth. You can learn about the job details from your family members, previous bosses, or colleagues. Socializing will help you get an advertised job very quickly. Therefore, keep attending alumni events and career-related meet-ups.

Cold calling

If you do not see a vacancy in the job list but know of the company it is related to, then you can make a cold call. You can note the phone number or email address by visiting the company website. On the call, inquire about future vacancies. Don’t forget to attach a resume to the email you are sending to the HR department. 

Tips to find a job in Saudi Arabia

Build Online Presence

Do not rely on your business experience to do all the talking. It should demonstrate your personality too. Furthermore, ensure the particulars are all filled. You can build a mini and a comprehensive version. You must upload a photo as well. Many employers are attracted to visuals. However, do not use filters. 

Update CV

An updated resume has relevant content. You can remove outdated information. Furthermore, include the most recent achievements. You can update contact information, such as a new email, to look more professional. Lastly, proofread before sending. An employer may think you are non-committed because the resume is full of errors. 

Goal alignment

Before you look for a job in KSA, take a step back to notice your strengths. You must pay close attention to weaknesses as well. You must know better about yourself to reflect on your career aims. Furthermore, create a step-by-step job searching plan. It will help you establish a routine that will actualize your goals. Ensure the aims are easy to manage, realistic, and time-bound.

Improve your skills

You can customize the resume according to each job. The recruiter only has a few seconds to skim your profile. Therefore, make sure it mentions the right skills that the employer is looking for you. You can mention previous roles and future aims. You can talk about internships to boost your resume. 

Requirements to work in Saudia Arabia 

If you want to know how to find jobs in Saudi Arabia, you must study the documents as well. Here are the details in a gist

For a visa, you need a sponsor to reside in the USA. The sponsor is employed in a reputable organization that will supervise the process. However, the applicant must gather the following documents for an employment visa:

  • A passport for the duration of the employment
  • A colored, passport-sized picture
  • Receipt of online payment through the Enjazit portal
  • A comprehensive visa application
  • Three attested copies of the medical report
  • An employment letter mentioning the company in KSA. The document is attested by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • An employment signed contract.
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s university paperwork, which the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission will validate.
  • Police copy of previous criminal record, if any.
  • A pre-paid and addressed envelope.

The employees must have their Iqama during the entire time so they can show the paperwork. As a result, the strict authorities will not take action against them because the applicant is legally allowed to work in the Kingdom. 

The employee can freely travel in and out of the country throughout the employment duration. However, they will request an Exit and Entry Permit from the Ministry of Interior. If the applicant wishes to bring their spouses and children to the Kingdom, they will need to apply for family visit visas. Know more about the Saudi Labor Law here

Skills in Demand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • After the pandemic, there has been a consistent increase in doctors and nurses in the Kingdom. If you are an emphatic healer, look into finding a job in nursing, medicine, or public health.
  • Saudia Arabia is home to NOEM, the grandest wind and solar project on the planet. Therefore, the demand for engineers in the nuclear, electrical, and chemical industries is on the rise. 
  • The retail sector is also booming, with international markets opening multiple stores in the Kingdom. If you are a people person with confident social skills, start researching how to get a job in Saudi Arabia.
  • The kingdom’s financial sector is looking for smart minds to carry out audits and reporting. Companies pay top money if you are employed in the banking and economic sectors. 

Other high-paying jobs in Saudi Arabia are listed here. Have a look!

Benefits of working in KSA

  1. You will significantly benefit from working in Saudi Arabia because of the low cost of living. In addition, the income is tax-free, which means high disposable earnings.
  2. Saudia Arabia offers excellent motivators to the staff. The benefit packages are exemplary. You also get a house allowance, healthcare, and education support. 
  3. Saudi Arabia offers a diverse culture because it employs a global workforce. Furthermore, tourism also makes it engaging. You will enjoy local meals and celebrations first-hand.
  4. You get to contribute to the Global 2030 Vision that celebrates artificial intelligence and machine learning. You will learn innovative practices and operate the latest technology.
  5. Saudi Arabia has a strategic graphic location. After a hard-working event, you can travel to Dubai or Cyprus to relax by the beach. How does visiting the Pyramids sound?
  6. Saudi Arabians speak English at workplaces. However, moving to the Kingdom will expose you to the most fifth spoken language in the world, Arabic. You will become bilingual, trilingual, or multilingual.
  7. Saudia Arabia will push your career in the right direction. The Kingdom is constantly offering new jobs and opportunities for the workforce to operate in a fast-paced environment. 

Now you know how to get a job in Saudi Arabia.

As we study the trends, we realize Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is more capable of withstanding market shocks and labor issues compared to its neighboring countries. The economy is very dynamic and rewarding, so use the factors to brighten your future. 

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